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Michael by ArtyrArtemis Michael :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0 Dome Ceiling by ArtyrArtemis Dome Ceiling :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 2 0 That Long, Orange One by ArtyrArtemis That Long, Orange One :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 2 0 A Molten Sword in the Sky by ArtyrArtemis A Molten Sword in the Sky :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 2 0 So Many Different Clouds... by ArtyrArtemis So Many Different Clouds... :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 1 0
To Emma
To Emma,
What is it about dreams that interests us so?
Are they thoughts and memories sewn together,
Or are they our deepest desires, hidden forever?
They dance in our minds, bringing much woe.
What do they want, why do they occur?
Only you can know for sure.
Arguing with yourself about what it has told you;
But what's to know? A dream's a dream.
They can't tell us everything.
As a dream's events unfurl, what are you to construe?
Do they say you've been lying to yourself,
Or, is that untrue?
Why do we listen to them at all
When we know our reasoning's in the right?
If only so we can sleep one more night.
Then those dreams may come again,
And we can listen to ourselves once more,
Rather than those thoughts we had before.
From Tom.
:iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0
It's Not For Me To Say
It's not for me to say,
The nature of things delays,
Brings about change when it desires,
Hides it from me like fire,
Cloaks itself under a shadow of thought,
Makes it known that it'll not be bought,
Whisks away to prevent you or I peace,
Of minds entangled and interlaced,
Yet things may occur that escape,
Two minds, or three, untraced,
Yet they wile away their time,
Searching for things they cannot find,
But not me, I stay,
For it's not for me to say.
:iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0
Do Not Speak
My love, do not speak,
For 'twill make it all the sweeter
To finally meet.
:iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 5
Timpani by ArtyrArtemis Timpani :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 1 Darker Lines by ArtyrArtemis Darker Lines :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0 Helmuth by ArtyrArtemis Helmuth :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0
It Tends to Sway
I see my mind change with time,
Cast aside thoughts of older days,
And look to the infinite in the veins of lime,
While a creature still in the grass allays.
It follows that I can hold no other,
Though those thoughts tend to sway,
Being has left me with a swift lover,
A highest meridian felt but not belayed.
What is it that finds my mind slipped?
Fallen out of favor and cast asunder?
I see the lines upon my brain not deep rooted,
Eroded away not by knowledge but by water.
So where I find the frames of my mind exceeded,
I am naught but wholly defeated.
:iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0
Sun-danced Streets
And now more than ever
falling down on sun-danced streets
of made light and beauty that
covers faces and hides them
I see naught what they found
but what they see
and what I see
it is a purpose infused with desires
radiant in low light,
cloistered in isolation and facetiousness
made together with the sweet plans
for cravens and lows of every kind
it has nothing to do with you, but me
offering all that I have and taking
what I sought. I sought pleasure
in those deep holes, so deep
that one could but toss a stone into
into its ribbed pits.
Glowing that fuels my eyes
for without which I could not make
out that forms before me,
pushed back by darkness and fears
that served only to stand in
such contrast to the brilliance of it all
I never knew it at the time, only allowed
the golden hooks to rip at them
because I didn't want to stop it.
Halting was tantamount to
disclaiming and disinheriting
what this was in reference to.
Purposefulness, having, taking,
receiving markings and findings
in a
:iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 3
Pressed between her lips... by ArtyrArtemis Pressed between her lips... :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0 Calm Samurai by ArtyrArtemis Calm Samurai :iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0
Ode to the Workhorse
A look into the eyes of a horse reveals as much
As it hides. Bound by its long skull
He has only to worry of trivial matters such as the search
For food and shelter, so graciously offered by his master for only a call
Toward the field to pull or to be riden.
So majestically he rides even as he vigorously serves
That all he can feel is a well deserved pride
At such tasks that would seem to deserve little attention.
He lives his life in a content happiness,
Unbound by human questions of its nature till he hath died.
But in that prospective unspoiled happiness lies
Another human assumption; the feelings of a dire horse unfounded.
Where a man would attribute feeling the horse only sighs,
A beast concerned with survival and not pleasure derived.
He works not out of pride but for fear of retribution
At the hands of his forceful master.
Wrought from dawn till dusk everyday,
Were he to feel a single feeling it would be lamentation.
When the long day has ended and the air become cooler
He stand
:iconartyrartemis:ArtyrArtemis 0 0

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